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Construction Begins at the ECC

About 6 weeks ago, construction began at the Hudsonville Early Childhood Center. This space has quite the history, serving first as a high school. It later became the junior high, and now it serves as the ECC. You can expect to see new spaces for the kids, as well as community accessible spaces for the pickleball community!

Many of the projects consist of revitalizing old spaces to become entirely new spaces, that serve future students and community better. The old boys locker rooms are being transformed into community bathrooms; that can be used by those enjoying the pickleball courts located just outside the building. The existing bathroom tile is being removed and will be replaced by polished concrete.

Pictured above: old boys locker rooms that will become community bathrooms.

The old girls locker room is undergoing a few transformations as well. When construction is finished this area will contain a storage room, and new bathroom with hallway entry. The largest change in this space is the reconfiguring of the previous shower area, to become the main conference room at the ECC.

Picture above: (left) old lockers removed to become a storage room. (center) The door has been cut out for hallway entry into what will become a bathroom. Tile has been grind down and removed in the old shower space to become a conference room (right).

The last space with a major upgrade is in the area designated for the cafeteria and multipurpose space. This was previously a wrestling room. Right now, new duct work and a metal stud divider wall are being installed.

Pictured above: New divider wall and duct work in the soon to be cafeteria space.

Check back next month for more updates to come on Hudsonville Public Schools' bond projects!

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