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Fun Facts Friday: What are those yellow things?

If you've driven past the High School on 32nd Street in the past six months you've probably noticed these big yellow structures in the lot and wondered what are those yellow things? Are they dog houses, pig pens, a future yellow eagle pride art installment? They are actually Storm Tech Stormwater Collection Chambers. These chambers get buried underground as a way to collect the rainwater that falls on site. The underground rainwater storage helps to prevent flooding without having more retainage ponds around as the water can be safely stored underground until it has time to soak back into the earth. One of the benefits to having the rainwater stored underground, is that there is less standing water around for mosquitos to breed. Another major benefit, is more parking! These chambers are so heavy duty that we can put them deep in the ground, cover them with rocks and fill, and then pave right over it all for more student parking spots. Check out the photos to see the process as Al's Excavating buries these chambers in the soon to be parking lot.

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