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Paving The Path Forward

…or maybe just paving the student parking lot at Hudsonville High School but we're stoked that it's happening today! Check out this fun paving video below to see the crew from Reith-Riley Construction in action paving the base layer on the student lot by the future fieldhouse. In the video you can see the asphalt paver as it is loaded with asphalt mix by a dump truck. The dump truck moves with the asphalt paver as the paver heats and evenly distributes the mix to form the base course. Then the compactor, or roller, drives over the base layer to compress it using the weight of the roller to flatten out the surface. This helps to keep the asphalt from cracking and makes the base layer smooth and level to give more support to future layers. This is just the base layer but it will serve as temporary student parking for this year. The next step are lights and parking stripes before it's open for business!

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