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A 'Bot" Of An Update

Progress continues for the Hudsonville School District! This month's update features the new robotics center at Hudsonville High School. What once was the home of the main office for Hudsonville High School, is now home of the Robotics Center. This is an exciting update for the district as curriculum continues to advance and new programs get introduced.

This new, transformed space will contain two classrooms, a play area for once the robots are built, and a storage area. The common areas will be used as performance areas as well.

In the above photos, you can see openings between what will become rooms. These openings will each contain garage doors to separate, or open up, the space as students utilize the area.

Currently, the walls are being painted and the floors are being polished. Once the floors are done and the ceilings are painted, the lights for the building will be hung. The MEP rough ins are already set in place.

Work across the district continues at various locations. Thank you Hudsonville Community, once again, for your support! Without you, we would not be able to provide our students, and future generation, with spaces to best foster their growth and academics. Check back next month to keep up on the progress being made across the district!

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